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Sales and Marketing eBook Design Service Agency for Lead Generation and Converting Prospects

Upside Interactive has 12+ years of creative expertise as a sales and marketing eBook design service agency for global tech companies. Over those 12 years, responsive, HTML5 eBooks have become an essential component of the modern product marketing campaign mix.

Client: Oracle; Project: “Analytics Cloud”

By consistently delivering positive ROI, sales and marketing eBooks are prized for their ability to engage prospects throughout each stage of the sales funnel. When companies effectively use responsive mobile-friendly eBooks as a tool in their marketing campaigns, they capture highly qualified leads and help convert those prospects into customers. Additionally, larger eBooks can be leveraged by converting them into mini-eBooks for campaign teasers that generate marketing buzz and pique the interest of your prospects.

Sales and Marketing eBook Design Services for Every Device.

Gone are the days when sales and marketing assets looked great on your laptop, but not so much on your mobile device. At Upside Interactive, we practice mobile first eBook design service development. We use this approach to make sure your eBook looks great on desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones. Thankfully, all your prospects need to enjoy your sales and marketing eBooks are a modern web browser and an Internet connection.

Sales and Marketing eBook ROI Is On Track.

UI's sales and marketing eBooks are optimized for tracking so that you can identify customer metrics using web analytics. There's no more guessing if a sales and marketing campaign asset is worth the investment; now your business knows all. Track your prospects with cookies, identify which pages or chapters they read, find out which videos pique their interest, and then use that information to create opportunities and refine your value message.

Curate Your Campaign Collateral for Your Prospects.

Smart prospects who are ready to make a buying decision are already curating assets and collateral from your (and your competitors) website, social media feeds, and YouTube channel. Providing responsive sales and marketing eBooks to your prospects gives them a single online tool curated especially for them by your business. Want to add some fun to your mobile-friendly eBooks and keep your prospects learning about your offering? Add interactive content such as gamification and cost savings calculators. It's your company's story after all, you should make an eBook of it.

  • Promotional videos
  • Social media feeds
  • Campaign-specific content
  • Audio podcasts
  • Polls and Surveys
  • Case studies
  • Whitepapers
  • Data sheets
  • Customer success stories
  • Interactive charts
  • Infographics
  • Campaign branded artwork
  • Cost savings calculators
  • Links collectives

Featuring the latest web technologies, our responsive sales and marketing eBooks do not require plugins, extra downloads, or per seat license fees. Traditional eBooks, meet Web 2.0.

  • Bookmarking
  • Search
  • Inbound/Outbound links
  • Localizable
  • Scalable
  • Interactive widgets

Do you want to view more sales and marketing eBook design service samples or brainstorm an idea? Contact us and we can answer any questions you have about creating an amazing sales and marketing eBook for your company. Upside Interactive also designs training eBooks and customer support eBooks, too.