Web Application Design & Development Process

Upside Interactive has worked continuously for 20 years to improve its agile web application design and development process. Our interactive web application project roadmap is guided by best practices and valuable lessons learned with our clients. The ability to design and develop web applications for sales, marketing, training, and customer support that are on-time, on-budget, and on-target is the result of years of hard work and our sharpened process.

Consultation + Strategy

We listen, carefully. Your project has unique organizational requirements and functional specifications that deserve our attention. Together, we'll identify a solution that achieves your goals—on budget and on time.

Design + Develop

We practice agile development with cross-functional teams of the finest designers and smartest programmers who drive toward your vision and express your brand through motion, UI/UX, and intelligent code.

Measure + Refine

We harness the power of metrics so you can gain insight into your audience: track performance, populate leaderboards, and learn about which topics your audience cares most. We build applications to scale, flex, localize, and thrive.

As Much or as Little as You Need.

Upside Interactive can support every role and phase of the web and mobile application creative process. From concept to content and design to development, we've got you covered.

Perhaps you have some of the project team roles in place, but you need more bandwidth, support, or additional resources? UI can provide the missing pieces of the puzzle by completing the project team roles. Or maybe this is your first foray into web and mobile application design and you need a complete development team on your side. We can certainly help you there, too. Either way, we will support exactly what you require during each phase of the project and we'll make a positive, lasting contribution to the success of your business.

Web Application Design From Start To Launch

A Mobile First Philosophy.

Upside Interactive practices a mobile first design philosophy with our interactive sales and training applications. This design philosophy is fundamental to understanding that interactive web apps are increasingly being consumed on mobile devices when compared to desktops and laptops. By designing and developing interactive sales and training apps with a mobile first philosophy, UI provides our clients with assets that not only look great on any device, but look consistent across desktop and mobile devices, too.

We Gladly Squash Bugs.

Throughout your project, UI will post milestone builds on a password-protected web server or your choice of host. To ensure the best project experience, we perform an extremely thorough QA process to identify and squash bugs on every modern OS and web browser. Additionally, we'll partner with your web team to guarantee a smooth delivery and hosting of your web and mobile applications.

Web Hosting Your Applications.

You may choose to host your game, sales, or training asset on your company's website, CMS, or LMS. Hosting on your company's web servers enables your business to utilize internal web analytics to track click-through rates (CTRs), user page selections, and many other useful sales and training metrics. UI develops interactive learning applications using pure front-end web technologies that integrate seamlessly into your web environment.

3 Success Factors for Web Application Development Projects

Success Factor 1: Build a Partnership.

The single most important success factor in delivering a successful web and mobile application project is the establishment of a long-term client partnership. A partnership built upon trust and dependability will payoff in huge dividends for all parties. Once we learn our client's likes, preferences, and stakeholder concerns, we adapt and focus to meet their learning application project goals. Our goal is to anticipate our client's needs and deliver beyond their expectations.

Success Factor 2: Respect the Budget.

Delivering the most value for our client's web and mobile application budget is a factor that must never be underestimated. We know our client's budget is precious and must be allocated to deliver the most value and ROI back to the business. We treat our client's learning application budget with as much respect as we treat our own. Speaking of ROI, the next success factor is on point.

Success Factor 3: Plan to Scale.

The third success factor that shapes our web and mobile application design and development process is planning for scalibility. Scalability, or asset flexibility, is critical for creative project stakeholders. No one wants to re-create a project from scratch for a slightly different audience or purpose. Within a client's asset catalogue, the practice of leveraging as much as possible from one project to another saves times and drives ROI.

How does Upside Interactive do this? The ability to think ahead within the project and the lifespan of the asset itself enables us to create scaling opportunities for your learning game. Our experience in building all types of web-based learning applications gives us insight into which design and development processes to leverage. Also, we know the pitfalls to avoid. UI will gladly share this information with you along the way so you can maximize your ROI.

Upside Interactive uses its web and mobile application design and development process for both your and our benefit. And as special circumstances arise, we also scale and flex our process just like our web-based learning applications do.