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PowerPoint and Keynote Presentation Slide Design Graphics Service Agency

For over 20 years, Upside Interactive has delivered expert presentation slide design services to global businesses and trade show events throughout the USA. Located in Orange County, CA, UI is a trusted, reliable resource for your company's PowerPoint® and Keynote® presentations that deserve top-level graphic design and layout.

Your presentations are mission critical business tools that play a key role in the success of your company's sales and marketing campaigns. For internal and external audiences alike, your company's PowerPoint and Keynote presentation slides should be powerful, memorable, and visually stunning collateral.

Below, you will find several examples of presentation slide graphics, charts, and layouts. If you would like to see more presentation slide design samples, please contact us and let us know. Now, on with the show!


Presenting a Complex Idea or Message? No Problem.

Does your business have a particular need for creating graphics that both simplify and clarify complex ideas, systems, or workflows? Would a visual explanation help your business communicate its value and products more clearly so that your audience can absorb it more quickly? Do you notice that your audience misses key takeaways from your presentation's quantitative infographics? Upside Interactive can help.

Upside Interactive's team of professional, experienced presentation graphic designers are excellent visual storytellers. We work with you to create custom slide images, models, charts, layouts, and animations that keep your audience focused on your message.

We Can Keep a Secret.

Your presentations contain some of your biggest corporate ideas and secrets—and we pledge to keep them private. Since 1999, we have been earning (and keeping) the trust of the finest tech companies in the world. From start-ups seeking venture capital to Fortune 100 companies, each of our clients deserves and receives the utmost respect and confidentiality. As you may expect, NDAs are a way of life for Upside Interactive. And we never outsource overseas.


Presentations Are the Design Foundation of eLearning.

Occasionally, your slide decks are destined for more than just being presented on a laptop, projector, or stage. Slides are the design foundation on which eLearning course modules are created. Both Adobe Captivate® and Articulate Storyline® use PowerPoint slides as their source material.

Award-Winning Presentation Slide Design.

Upside Interactive is a 2x recipient of Adobe's "Site of the Day" award for interactive eLearning courses that were created directly from our custom presentation slide designs. In addition to animation and embedded video, we can record, edit, and sync voiceover audio with your slides to create amazing eLearning courses.

We've helped many of our clients transform their presentation content into web-based eLearning powerhouses for their teams. Ask us how we can help leverage your presentation slides for eLearning courses.


Here's Our .02¢ on Presentation Planning.

If you're like us, you want to know "Why?". There are many academic and professional perspectives on graphic design, visual hierarchy, and storytelling. Here are a few essential readings that will help you begin the process of creative ideation for your presentation:

  1. Start your presentation journey with "slide:ology" by Nancy Duarte.
  2. Get savvy about displaying quantitative data with "Storytelling with Data" by Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic.
  3. Deep dive into visual design theory with "Visual Explanations" by Edward Tufte.

Lastly, never hesitate to invest your time, design resources, and energy into your PowerPoint or Keynote presentation slide design. The concepts and ideas that you will be presenting can transform your business, someone's life, or maybe the world. Slides are a wonderful example of the new, digital canvas on which we paint our ideas.

Put Your Presentation to Work.

Well-crafted business slides simplify the complex, clearly communicate your value message, and deliver an impactful, compelling call-to-action. Upside Interactive has the presentation slide design experience and expertise to create business presentations that will help your company drive sales, attract investors, inspire partners, and impress attendees at special events.

  • Vector graphics
  • Workflow and system models
  • Visual explanations
  • Custom templates
  • Timed animations
  • Motion paths
  • Quantitative infographics
  • On-point branding
  • eLearning preparation
  • Custom graphics and illustrations
  • Embedded video and audio
  • Storytelling consultation