Our History of Interactive Design and Development Service

We've all heard the urban myth: A successful company was founded out of a garage. At least in this case, this is a true story. Upside Interactive Founder Jeff Hemmelgarn began his interactive digital design and development agency history in his San Francisco, California garage in late-summer 1999.

While consulting with clients including State Farm Insurance, The Library of Congress, and Kaiser Permanente, Jeff grew frustrated using a static creative process in an online world.

The juxtaposition of using traditional, lengthy agency methods and timelines when creating rapidly emerging digital assets could not be ignored.

It Was 20 Years Ago Today...

The solution was an agile creative process that married stunning design with technical prowess to deliver amazingly effective web-based applications for sales, marketing, training, and customer support. Walls and barriers were literally removed. Hierarchies flattened. Talented designers and programmers shared in the decision making. For 20 years, this solution was sharpened and refined.

Web-Based Learning Applications Possess Unlimited Value and Potential for Your Business.

Simultaneously, Jeff's passion for developing interactive learning apps grew. No traditional asset possesses both the immediate and lasting value impact to a business (and their audience) than one that is interactive. Furthermore, sales and training app design and development potential are limited only by imagination. Once again, Jeff knew it was time to follow his passion. Upside Interactive was founded with the sole purpose of creating the world's best gamification designs and technologically advanced application development for sales, marketing, training, and customer support. We invite you to join us on our journey and continue writing our interactive design and development history together.

20 Years Of Milestones

1999: To meet the increasing demand for impactful digital assets for sales, training, and marketing within the rapidly growing technology industry, Creative Presentation Resources is founded in San Francisco.

2003: With a roster of esteemed clients including Microsoft, Google, and Hewlett-Packard, the agency grows into an exemplar of the new digital model.

2006: Adobe announces the agency has earned 2 consecutive "Site of the Day" awards for multimedia, self-paced, online learning guides used by clients for web-based sales training.

2007: Orange County, California office is open for business as demand increases for custom web application design and development including interactive eBooks, web-based learning guides, and product simulations.

2009: Interactive sales training applications created for HP surpass 6+ million unique views milestone.

2010: HTML5 web technologies usher in the era of unlimited interactive capabilities and multimedia support for mobile and desktop front-end web applications. The modern-era of gamification design and development begins.

2018: Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB) certification opens the door for the agency to support local, state, and federal government agencies.

2019: Upside Interactive is launched to focus exclusively on the interactive design and development of web and mobile applications for sales, marketing, training, and customer support on behalf of both tech and non-tech companies worldwide.