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Gamification Design Service and Learning Game Developer

Upside Interactive is an experienced gamification design service agency located in Orange County, CA, USA. Our experience has earned us an outstanding reputation as a custom learning game application developer for the top tech companies in the world.

By using the latest modern web technologies, we guarantee that our custom gamification designs will perform flawlessly on desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Below, you will find gamification design and development samples. Please note, gamification apps often contain learning content that is not for public viewing. If you would like to see additional working samples, please contact us and let us know. Let the games begin!


Web Friendly and Affordable Gamification Design Services.

Because they're advanced HTML5 web apps, Upside Interactive designs and develops gamified learning apps which are easily hosted on your company's website, CMS, or LMS. Here's a bonus everyone can appreciate: UI does not charge per-seat license fees or royalties for gamification design services for our clients. And, we never outsource overseas.

Interactive. Competitive. Fun!

Upside Interactive can design and develop any game style that you can imagine. UI is ready to help you design and develop custom gamification apps right now. Let us help you get started enjoying the benefits of increased team performance and productivity by providing them a competitive, fun, and interactive learning experience.

Everyone Loves a Great Game.

Gamification learning engages your audience in a whole new way by making learning a lot more interactive, competitive, and fun! You can already picture your team's excitement as they learn while they play. Gamification brings out the natural competitive spirit in high performers, and it satisfies the needs of visual learners, too.


Redefine Your Concept of Learning Applications.

Imagine turning a "true-false" knowledge assessment quiz into an exciting game of arcade-style air hockey on your mobile phone. Or how about turning a single or multi-select quiz into a rapid fire balloon pop game on your laptop? For those of us who enjoy a great story, transform your sales training into an adventure learning game where some responses are more correct than others.

Do you want to make your training applications even more interactive? Gamification takes advantage of mobile touchscreens by selecting, swiping, dragging, and dropping combinations of text, images, and icons. This level of interaction can explode your options for exercises that require sorting, matching, and procedural tasks into a memorable learning event.

UI's gamification design service unleashes creative opportunities for knowledge transfer (and excitement!) that are just beginning to be explored. If you're interested in learning more about gamification as a learning strategy, we recommended reading "Gamification by Design" by Gabe Zichermann.

App Stores Are Not Required.

In addition to desktop compatibility, mobile gamification applications run perfectly on iOS and Android devices and do not require app stores. Gamified learning applications are modern web applications that only require a web browser and an Internet connection.

Additionally, all of the gaming features you expect from native apps are also available on any modern web browser. You can be confident that your entire learning audience will enjoy your game content on every device.

Gamification: The Whole World Can Play.

Upside Interactive also has expertise in gamification localization. With your game in multiple languages, learning explodes into a worldwide competition between individuals, teams, and entire regions. UI has experience developing games in 32 different languages. You can also connect your gamified learning to a global leaderboard and drive player competition as performance metrics are evaluated in real-time.

What Time Is it? It's Time to Learn and Play.

Do you have a scheduled product rollout or training program? Upside Interactive can develop gamification that unlocks new, incremental levels weekly as an exhilarating way to introduce new content and build excitement. Our clients know from experience: Learning teams love this feature and Upside Interactive is excited to help you bring it to them.

  • Avatars
  • Action
  • Puzzles
  • Goals
  • Rewards
  • Leaderboards
  • Physics Engine
  • 2D side-scrolling gameplay
  • Wide variety of question types
  • Performance metrics
  • Time-based level unlocking
  • iOS and Android compatibility