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Upside Interactive is an experienced eBook design service provider located in Orange County, CA, USA. Over the past 20 years, we have earned an outstanding reputation for developing HTML5 sales and marketing, training, and customer support eBooks for both tech and non-tech companies.

By using the latest modern web technologies, our custom-designed eBooks perform flawlessly on desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. We think you'll agree that our eBook designs look amazing, too.

Web Friendly and Affordable eBook Design Services.

Upside Interactive's eBooks are easy to host on your website, CMS, or LMS. Also, UI can prep your eBook for selling on the app stores, including Apple Books and Google Play Books. And here's a surprise every business will appreciate: Upside Interactive does not charge per-seat license fees or royalties for eBook design and development services. And, we never outsource overseas.

Responsive eBook Design from Cover to Cover.

Upside Interactive can design and develop any eBook style that you can imagine. We're ready to help you design and develop a custom eBook so you can increase sales, enhance customer support, and elevate training.

Below, you'll find samples of HTML5 eBook design services for sales, customer support, and training. However, if you would like to see more eBook samples, please contact us and let us know. Ready to tell your story? Let's begin!

Sales & Marketing eBook Design

Oracle eBook "Analytics Cloud"

Sales & Marketing eBook Design

Showcase your value, clarify your message, and focus your supporting online collateral into 1 concise, powerful campaign asset. eBooks generate ROI by delivering leads while it converts prospects into customers.

Sales and marketing eBooks are essential to the campaign mix and provide your business with a profit-focused tool that drives the sales process.

Training eBook Design

Wells Fargo eBook "Team Handbook"

Training eBook Design

Deliver an innovative, yet familiar learning experience to your audience. Add video, gamification, quizzes, activities, and more to your training eBooks and elevate your company’s training assets and team performance.

Training eBooks are supported on all desktop and mobile devices so they always look great and provide a memorable learning experience.

Customer Support eBook Design

Cisco eBook "Tame Big Data"

Customer Support eBook Design

Answer customer questions exactly when and where they need it. Your customers will appreciate mobile-ready instructions and manuals that are easy to find, up to date, and include videos and interactive diagrams.

Customer support eBooks save your business money by delivering online customer service and curbing call center demand and product returns.

eBooks Designed with Features You Want.

eBooks shouldn't be skeuomorphic archetypes of a bygone era; they should have all of the features you expect from a modern web app, and more!

Below, we've highlighted just a few of the many convenient features you can enjoy with a custom, responsive eBook design service. There is nothing that you can't achieve with these HTML5 web applications. Move on from flat, boring pages of text and say "Hello!" to interactivity, social media integration, and engaging content.

View a complete list of amazing eBook design features you can share with your audience.




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HTML5 Video Player

What does responsive mean to you? To Upside Interactive, it means that your eBook should be a mobile first production from concept to completion. UI makes sure that your content looks as good on mobile as it does on desktop. We sacrifice nothing to help you engage your customers.

Localizable Text

Responsive Design

Custom Page Layouts

No Plugins

Interactive Infographic

eBooks: The Ultimate Web-Based Solution

Are your prospects gathering marketing content from competitive sources so they can compare apples-to-apples and make a purchase decision? Do your customers dig through forums and call your 800 number if they cannot quickly locate a solution to their problem? Is an employee searching for a performance support video so they can perform a critical task at work?

Your audience needs a fast, simple solution that is accessible from any device, at any time. And you need this web-based solution to look amazing, perform flawlessly, and provide you with analytic insights.

eBooks are the best solution to satisfy your customers needs. Whether your company's industry is manufacturing, retail, healthcare, financial services, education, tech, or anything in-between, eBooks are the customer-focused solution for sales and marketing, training, and customer support.

We Make eBook Design Easy for Companies.

Upside Interactive uses an agile, yet detailed eBook design and development process. If this is your first experience partnering with an eBook design service company, we'll make it enjoyable for you and your team. From concept to content and design to development, your company's eBook design project will be in capable hands. In addition, UI guarantees a smooth delivery to your choice of hosting.

Our clients are unanimous that UI is a reliable eBook design and development service provider that takes pride in making world-class eBooks. Contact Upside Interactive and discover how easy it is to provide your customers with an interactive, responsive eBook.