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Customer Support eBook Design Service Company for Reducing Call Center Demand

The leading businesses in every industry provide customer support eBooks as an essential element in their customer service program. To support this effort, Upside Interactive has 12+ years of top-level expertise as a customer support eBook design service company for global tech and non-tech companies worldwide.

By providing responsive, HTML5 customer support eBooks containing accurate, up-to-date content and media, your business saves money and nurtures customer loyalty at the same time.

Client: Cisco; Project: “Tame Big Data”

Curb Call Center Demand with Customer Support eBooks.

Your customers are searching your website, FAQs, and YouTube channel for product manuals, installation guides, and technical support. Unfortunately, your customers may be finding static web copy or out-of-date PDFs that don't reflect your company's latest efforts to provide them with excellent customer support. Often, YouTube videos are helpful and share useful information, but do they accurately represent your company's point of view?

Some customers will skip the noise and dial your 800 customer service number, wait patiently on hold, and cost you money. HTML5 customer support eBooks are your proactive solution to curbing call center demand—and saving your business money.

A Customer Support eBook Design Service to Reduce Product Returns.

If your customer cannot quickly find the answers they need, they may skip calling your customer support center and return your product. Frequently, your company's reputation and bottom line is impacted as a result. Once more, add the power of social media influencing a potential buyer who reads about a less than stellar experience and the downward spiral continues.

Upside Interactive will be your customer support eBook design service company that creates a responsive, HTML5 eBook that delivers the latest instructional content, how-to videos, and interactive diagrams to reduce product returns. Here's an idea: Turn up the customer service dial with a viral campaign that encourages your customers to share your eBook, build brand loyalty, and increase product sales.

Customer Service at Their Fingertips.

Host your mobile-friendly customer support eBook on your website and promote it everywhere: social media, forums, channel partners, and more! UI excels at customer support eBook design services by delivering responsive eBooks that look great any device.

To make it easy, all your customers need to receive excellent customer service is a modern web browser with an Internet connection. Thankfully, when you curate your customer support content into 1 powerful web application, you're delivering the ultimate customer service experience to your customers fingertips.

Smart, tech-savvy consumers enjoy being the first responders to their own customer technical support needs. They'll appreciate an online, customer support eBook app that is easy to use, accurate, always up-to-date, and helpful. Your company's customer service reputation is worth it.

  • How-to videos
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Interactive diagrams
  • Detailed zoomable illustrations
  • Long-form content
  • FAQs
  • Audio podcasts
  • Product artwork
  • Social media feeds
  • Links collectives

Featuring the latest web technologies, our multimedia customer support eBooks do not require plugins, extra downloads, or per seat license fees. Traditional eBooks, meet Web 2.0.

  • Easy to update
  • Bookmarking
  • Search
  • Inbound/Outbound links
  • Localizable
  • Scalable

Want to view more customer support eBook design service samples or brainstorm an idea? Contact us and we can answer any questions you have about creating an amazing customer support eBook asset for your company. Upside Interactive also develops responsive sales and marketing eBooks, and training eBooks, too.